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Information Theory

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Committee: Douglas Cochran (Thesis Director), Rosemary Renaut, Oliver Kosut Research Interests Di erential geometry, functional analysis and operators on Hilbert spaces, detection & estimation theory.

of this thesis document in whole or in part. Signature of Author,/t 4 --Department of Mechanical Engineering May 10, Certified by/ Robert Jacobs, and Oliver Kosut, for their assistance in learning how to program.

Joerg Kliewer and Oliver Kosut - Open Collections - University of redoakpta.com › › BIRS Workshop Lecture Videos.

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Honors Thesis: Maximum-entropy surrogation in multiple channel signal detection Committee: Douglas Cochran (Thesis Director), Rosemary Renaut, Oliver Kosut Research Interests Di erential geometry, functional analysis and operators on Hilbert spaces, detection & estimation theory.

Oliver kosut thesis
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